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Twenty-five Years of Memories

May 1980 - Our 4th Annual Wheaten Picnic. Still involved with Wheatens and pictured here are "old timers" Sue Luchuck with Skedaddle, Norm and Gaylene Dennis with Duffy, Brian Boniface with Bonnie and Carolyn and Alan Fox with Patty and BJ

1982 - Cover of Wheaten Wags featuring "Cover Boys" Norm Dennis and Duffy (Harrigate's Duffy O'Dennis CD CDX). Duffy was Canada's first CDX Wheaten.

1973 - Saskatchewan's first Wheaten, Butterglow's Blithe Spirit (Pampootie) was owned by Gunther and Ruth Appl (Saskatoon). "Pootie" was born May 27, 1973 and mother of Benji (shown below)

1976 - a popular
button of the times

1976 - To trim or not to trim? ..... That was the question.

Lustig's Benjamin Beachboy (Benji) one year old - before trimming

Benji - after being trimmed.

Benji was Carolyn and Alan Fox's first Wheaten

Rainbow Line

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