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Max and MacDuff at work and at play


Two buddies at rest
September 2002

Wine Country

Max checking out the grapes at a winery in Ontario
September 2001


Max and MacDuff enjoy a day at the beach
April 2001

Seeing the sights

Seeing the sights at Myrtle Beach, SC
April 2001

Max taking his American Championship

Max obtaining his American Championship
July 1997

MacDuff sleeping on floor

MacDuff at rest

Max with toy frog

Max playing with his frog

Max and MacDuff on picnic table

Sharing a moment together

Max and MacDuff

Two hot dogs

Max looking over fence

Max checking things out

Waiting to leave

Don't leave us behind!

Sleeping in chair

Ah, this cottage life is good!

Looking pretty

Sitting pretty

MacDuff on couch Max asleep on floor

End of a long day for both

Rainbow Line

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