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The Prairie Wheaten is the official publication of the
Assiniboine Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Association
Recent and past issues can be downloaded here.
Each issue is identified by date and feature article.

To save the file to your computer just do the following:
In Internet Explorer, right click the file then SAVE TARGET AS
In Netscape, right click the file then SAVE LINK AS

Special Recipe Issue
Spring 2004 - Canine Dental Health
Fall 2003 - The Senior Dog
Spring 2003 - First Aid
Fall 2002 - Addison's Disease - Health Concern
Spring 2002 - PLE/PLN - Health Concern
Fall 2001 - Arthritis - Health Concern
Summer 2001 - Introduction to Holistic Medicine
Spring 2001 - The Pet Food Issue
Winter 2000 - The Vaccination Controversy

Each file is in PDF format so you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader
installed on your computer. This program can be obtained free of charge by clicking here

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