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MacDuff enjoying the good life

In Park

Enjoying the park

Back to the park

A walk in the park

getting cold

HEY! It's cold out here!

dirty dog

Down and dirty

resting up

Now this is more my style


All this fresh air made me tired

Little backaroo

Visiting the ranch


A day in the garden


Looking for a little action

In grass

MacDuff, the "Stealth" Basset

In Florida

Enjoying the good life in Florida


Did someone say "FOOD!"


Okay, how did I get up here?

After a walk

Resting up after a walk


Ah, sleep, peaceful sleep

On Couch

Okay, who woke me?


Waiting for Santa

Good boy

I've tried to be a good boy all year


Helping to decorate the tree

Fun in the Snow

Having fun in the North Carolina snow

December 2000

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