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This Code of Ethics outlines basic procedures and sets forth principles of general conduct to be followed by all members. Failure to comply with the code will subject a member to disciplinary procedures provided by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada. Allegations of violations of the Code shall be adjudicated by the Board of Directors of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada.

1. General:
	1.1. Abide by the regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).
	1.2. Promote the best interests and welfare of the breed and the
             Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada.
	1.3. Exhibit good sportsmanship and the highest professional
             attitudes at all times.
	1.4. Provide every dog with humane living quarters, veterinary
             supervised health care, proper nutrition and grooming.
	1.5. Promote the cause of responsible dog ownership by personal
             example and by providing assistance and education geared
             toward responsible dog ownership.
2. Breeding:
	2.1. Breeding will be in concurrence with the current Soft-Coated
             Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada's Breeder's Guidelines.
	2.2. Breed only:
		2.2.1. Pure-bred dogs, CKC registered or eligible for CKC
		2.2.2. Dogs in excellent health.
		    a. X-rayed free of Hip Dysplasia.
		    b. Routinely examined free of Progressive Retinal
                       Atrophy and other significant hereditary eye
		    c. Routinely tested (blood, urine, etc.) to assure
                       current excellent health.
		    d. Free of internal and external parasites.
		2.2.3. Dogs characteristic of the breed standard with
                       excellent conformation, no disqualifying faults,
                       and of sound temperament.
		2.2.4. Mature animals.
	2.3. A bitch, ideally, should have only one litter in a twelve
             month period.
	2.4. A bitch shall be bred to only one male at each heat.
	2.5. Keep precise breeding records and make sure that registration
	     applications are sent to the CKC as soon as possible.
3. Selling:
	3.1. Conscientiously plan the placement of all Soft-Coated Wheaten
		3.1.1. No dogs will knowingly be sold to pet dealers, pet
                       wholesalers, pet brokers, or puppy mills, singly or
                       in litter lots.
		3.1.2. No dogs will be offered as a raffle or contest prizes
                       or for other types of giveaways.
		3.1.3. No dogs will knowingly be sold to any person who
                       would act as a third party to the transactions
                       referred to in 3.1.1. or 3.1.2.
	3.2. All advertising and claims regarding the sale of Soft-Coated
             Wheaten Terriers will be of an honest and forthright nature.
	3.3. Sell only healthy dogs:
		3.3.l. Well started with adequate nourishment and care.
		3.3.2. With tails docked and dew claws removed according
                       to the breed standard.
		3.3.3. With no known temperament problems.
		3.3.4. Free of internal and external parasites.
		3.3.5. With protection against those diseases which can be
                       controlled by vaccination according to current
                       veterinary practises.
	3.4. At the time of sale, supply the buyer with:
		3.4.1. A detailed signed contract with:
		    a. Adequate description of the dog.
		    b. Responsibilities of buyer.
		    c. Guarantees of seller.
		3.4.2. An accurate pedigree.
		3.4.3. Written instructions of feeding, health care,
                       training, grooming, etc.
		3.4.4. Medical records indicating date of examination
                       and vaccinations and any medication given.
	3.5. Use the CKC "Non-Breeding Agreements" (CKC form 201) for the
	     sale of dogs (not already neutered/spayed) that should not
             reproduce and encourage the owner to have the dog 
	3.6. Register dogs born in Canada in accordance with the Animal 
             Pedigree Act.
4. Exhibiting:
	4.1. The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier shall be entered and exhibited
             in accordance with the CKC rules.
	4.2. Dogs presented in the show ring will be clean and properly
             groomed according to the breed standard.
	4.3. Be responsible for the appearance and conduct of his dog
             at all times.
	4.4. Conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner in and out
             of the ring.

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